This project activity involves cooperation and collaboration between four educational institutions of four Nordic countries, namely: the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Norway and Greenland.

This project proposal is pioneering, while potentially interdisciplinary in nature, combining areas of education and training which had not been contemplated as possible areas of curricular development until now. For instance, while education in oil and gas, safety and environment has enjoyed a certain prominence in Norwegian educational sector the same is not true for the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland.


FING in the Arctic context

FING project partners met this August to discuss projects activities and respective outcomes. This time the meeting was in Svalbard as attention is now strengthening its focus on Arctic issues. The partners are looking at new vocational training and education opportunities that will meet current needs within this particularly demanding region.

There was an opportunity also to meet with representatives from the University Centre at Svalbard (UNIS),

Here is a report summarizing all project activities until August 2016.


Train the Trainers Program: Crane & Slinging: Auditing, Quality Assessment and QHSE Procedures

Project FING is holding its third round in Train the Trainers in Crane & Slinging. In the second week of May 2016, instructors who have already received training and certification will meet for follow-up training within auditing, quality assessment and QHSE procedures. Participants are from Greenland, Iceland and Faroe Islands; and providing the training is Inge Rune Bøe from SOTS Course Centre in Norway.

The activities and aims of this program include the following:

  • How courses (training) are performed in accordance with own procedures.
  • How is quality assured trainer/teacher - checkout system.
  • What and how are the course materials, lesson referrals, etc.
  • Demonstration of deviation system.
  • Demonstrating own quality assurance system KS.
  • Review of risk analysis.
  • How learners are assessed.
  • How examination papers are reviewed.
  • Demonstration of teaching in classrooms - possibly practical.
  • Revision of certified equipment.

NORA – Nordic Atlantic Cooperation has sponsored these activities.


Rigging training started in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

This December, project partner Vinnuháskúlanum in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands started a course in Rigging which holds approval based on NORSOK standards. The two instructors Pole Hansen and Frífinn Nolsøe had participated in two Train the Trainers programs held earlier in Stavanger at SOTS Course Center and received full certification earlier this year. The eleven aspiring cadets at Vinnuháskúlanum are:

  • Dan Bláberg
  • Eli Johannesen
  • Jóhannes Weihe
  • Rógvi Helgi Skaalum
  • Christian Suni Aakjær
  • Hans Jákup Davidsen
  • Jóhan Kristensen
  • Jóhan Snæbjørn Skoubo Bærendsen
  • Regin Ejdesgaard
  • Steingrímur Ranghamar Hansen
  • Teitur Vinjardsson Guttesen

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A training program in Rigging was also started at Greenland School of Minerals and Petroleum in October 2015.

This is a project funded by NORA and NORDPLUS.


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