This project activity will involve cooperation and collaboration between four educational institutions of four Nordic countries, namely:

This project proposal is pioneering, as well as potentially interdisciplinary in nature, combining areas of education and training which had not been contemplated as possible areas of curricular development until now. For instance, while education in oil and gas, safety and environment has enjoyed a certain prominence in the Norwegian educational sector the same is not true for the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland.

This is a project that looks to establishing an innovative network of quality within oil and gas training and education, while taking into account environmental and safety issues. It is a step towards:

  • further strengthening and developing cooperation among Nordic nations,

  • exchanging knowledge and furthering new skills and competencies within the specialist fields of oil and gas, safety and environment,

  • extending the scope of training and educational programs currently available,

  • contributing towards economic prosperity and independence,

  • advancing autonomy within the educational fields of oil and gas, and safety,

  • ensuring environmental concerns remain a priority,

  • empowering individuals with new opportunities in education, training and employability within the specialized fields of oil and gas in their own regions,

  • furthering perspectives of lifelong learning,

  • promoting the Nordic languages and fostering cultural understanding.

Given the broad spectrum of this venture, the involvement of other sectors will play a pivotal role in determining its outcome; in terms of funding, accessibility, and training, among others.

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